Ultra thin wall needles


Ultra Thin Wall Needle(Micro Hypodermic Needle)
Characteristic 1/ The Ultra Thin Wall Needle is designed with a broader inner bore compared to that of similar regular-type needles and enables smoother injection of fluids through a thinner needle. This needle is suitable for mesotherapy or procedures related to plastic surgery such as injection of hyaluronic acid or Botox.
Characteristic 2/ Less pain during procedure.
Characteristic 3/ Leaves almost no traces or cause any internal bleeding as it causes less injury and bleeding during procedure.
27G 0.40mm/0.30mm(Outer Diameter/Inner Diameter)
30G 0.30mm/0.20mm(Outer Diameter/Inner Diameter) Now available
33G 0.26mm/0.16mm(Outer Diameter/Inner Diameter) Now available
34G 0.20mm/0.10mm(Outer Diameter/Inner Diameter) Now available
35G 0.15mm/0.10mm(Outer Diameter/Inner Diameter)

Lacrimal Cannula Lasik Cannula/IR Needle for Opthalmology
Curved 25-gauge cannula, with side 6 ports opening, Over Length mm Disposable or Reuseable(Wall Thickness0.5mm、 Port Diameter 0,25mm) This needle has a total of 7 holes; 1 on the end and 3 each on the right and left. OEM orders can be made for various sizes other than the above size.
Various hole shapes and positions are available upon request.

Ophthalmic Special Needle
This is a fine needle produced using the latest nanotechnology. The thick part acts as a support that prevents the fine needle-end from bending. Needle-end :0.05mm Diameter of support :0.30mm .

Ultra Nano Needle
With the world's smallest gauge of 0.05mm and 0.08mm

Injection Needle
We can provide customers with various quantities ranging from small lot to bulk amounts. Hypodermic Needle/AVF Needle/Lancet / Standard Hypodermic Needle/IV Catheter/ Blood Collecting Cannula /Infusion/Biopsy/Dental/Mesotherapy Single Cut Needle for Insulin/IR Needle for Opthalmology
Various hole shapes and positions are available upon request.

Micro Guide Spring
The world’s smallest gauge of 0.2mm.The product can be provided with pitch-rolls of the same diameter and it can be produced with platinum.

Gold Needle

Stepped Needle
Since the product has excellent conductivity, it can be used for various purposes. As you can see, our company’s technology is used to produce specialized needles. And we can apply our technology to produce the correct specialized needle that suits the various needs of our customers. Diameter from the narrow part on the left:0.1mm/0.26mm/0.5mm/0.8mm